As a club affiliated to Scottish Gymnastics (SG), Lasswade Gymnastics Club is bound by the SG procedures for complaints, disciplinary issues and membership suspensions and expulsions.

The club places the welfare and safety of its members as the highest priority.  Our Club operates an open-door policy where any gymnast, parent/guardian, coach, official or coach who has a complaint or grievance against any other user of the club is encouraged to raise these in a timely manner to enable the problem to be discussed and resolved as quickly as possible.  The following procedure will be followed:

Stage 1… Verbally to the Coach / Club official

The concern or complaint should initially be raised with the relevant coach or club official.   A face to face meeting should be requested as soon after the incident as possible.  If you would prefer a neutral 3rd party present at the discussion this is acceptable.  Both parties should try to remain positive, open, civil and respectful, with the aim of resolving the situation at this initial stage.   

 Stage 2 – in writing to the Discipline Lead Coach or Club Business Manager

 1. If it is a more serious concern/complaint that cannot be resolved verbally with the coach or official a written complaint should be submitted to the Discipline Lead Coach (for all coaching matters) or Club Business Manager (for any non-coaching matters) within 15 working days detailing the grievance.

2. If the complaint is against the Discipline Lead Coach, or the grievance relates to the welfare of children, the Gymnast or gymnast’s parent should contact the Child Protection Officer.

3. The Lead Coach / Business Manager or Child Protection Officer will arrange a meeting with the relevant parties within 10 working days to discuss the grievance and agree the course of action to address it.

4. The Lead Coach / Business Manager or Child Protection Officer will write to the complainant within 10 working days of the meeting detailing the course of action to be taken, and the reasons for them.

 Stage 3 – written appeal to the Board of Trustees/Directors

 If the complainant is dissatisfied with the outcome they can appeal in writing to the Board of Trustees/Directors stating why they are dissatisfied and consider the decision inappropriate

1.    The Board of Trustees/Directors will hear the submission of both parties and any decision made in stage two will then be reviewed and the outcome must be determined within twenty-eight days of the statements being exchanged.

Scottish Gymnastics recommended procedures for dealing with complaints will be followed as above and if an issue cannot be suitably addressed at club level, Scottish Gymnastics procedures will be implemented.  A copy of the Scottish Gymnastics complaints procedures is held at all times in the club office or copies can be obtained from Scottish Gymnastics.


Child Protection Concerns

The club has a number of designated Child Protection Officers (CPO) to whom all matters of child protection and grievances or suspicions of poor practice may be addressed. Details of CPO’s are on this website and are posted on all club noticeboards with their direct contact information.  Matters will be dealt with confidentially and only those who need to know will be informed.