Your Child Protection Officers for Lasswade Gymnastics Club are:

 Joanne Smyth    Tracey Cunningham       Stella Smith      

 The CPO role within the club is to promote best practice by ensuring everyone is aware of their responsibilities.  They are also the first point of contact for coaches, helpers, parents and gymnasts on any issues concerning the well being of the club members, (poor practice or potential alleged abuse).

They have completed the following courses:  Safeguarding and Protecting Children, Safe Gym for All, PVG Course

 If you have any concerns or questions please contact them on the below details or approach them in the gym.  All conversations will be confidential unless advised otherwise.

 Joanne Smyth

Tel: 07595 160037


Tracey Cunningham

07527 075183


Stella Smith

Tel: 07803 892111